How do you get started as a Lil Language Scholars Franchisee?

1.Send in the application: we will contact you to discuss your interest and if your goals in being a business owner match the goals of Lil Language Scholars.

2.Ask, ask, ask: You will have the opportunity to ask us specific questions about your franchise location, how the Lil Language Scholars main office will support you, and make sure our goals match your entrepreneurial plan.

3.Follow our growth: We will explain how the first Lil Language Scholars franchise started and you will have an opportunity to find out more about our support and contact our current clients/customers/other franchisees.

4.Review Documents: Franchise documents will be sent to you for you to read with your lawyer, accountant and other people that will help you decide if a Lil Language Scholars franchise is appropriate for you.

5.Earn your award: Franchise will be awarded when both Lil Language Scholars and you have come to an agreement that it fits both parties’ business plans. 

6.Plan to begin: Date for training will be established (if desired) at our home offices in Illinois. Begin your action steps as listed on the First Year timeline.

7.Schedule Grand Opening: You begin as part of the Lil Language Scholars family and we schedule a Grand Opening Public Relations campaign.

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