Impact your future and the future of America
Extensive Support 

Marketing campaigns and marketing tools
        *Marketing letters, postcards, sample emails are available to you

Access to DropBox where Lil Scholars keeps all our marketing materials and other print materials
        *Print what you need and you will be notified when new items are added for your use 

•Pre Grand opening training. Available by phone or shadowing a teacher in our original franchise.
        *First 12 week Quick-Start Program and accountability coach to help you succeed
        *We supply you with a full year of action steps to best grow your business.

•Sales and Marketing training
        *Ongoing training and access to all our current franchisees

•Access to monthly phone calls with any/all franchisees to share best practices
        *Call in and get immediate feedback

•Access to LinkedIn group where franchisees can communicate with each other to learn and share ideas.
        *One on one support to alleviate your fears as you go out on your own.

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