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What PARENTS are saying:

  • The kids LOVE the new shoes (zapatos) song! Whenever they get new shoes they always say they can't wait to show Miss Paula and sing the new zapato song.

  • Zack loves Spanish class. he looks forward to it every week. I am also amazed at how often he will use the words in everyday conversation. His ability to switch from English to Spanish is amazing!

  • I know how valuable Spanish will be in our society, my child will need this.

  • My daughter begged me to sign her up and she loves it. I love the approach you use.

What CHILDREN are saying:

  • I just love Spanish class. Molly, age 3
  • I am just like Dora now. Kathryn, age 4
  • My grandma is so proud of me. Max, age 4
  • My mom can talk to me in Spanish now. Daniel, age 5