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Miss Paula
Miss Paula is the owner/founder of Lil Scholars. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Purdue University and a Masters Degree in Educational Administration from Northern University. Miss Paula taught in the local public school system for 20 years prior to opening Lil Scholars. Her mission for the children enrolled in our programs is to offer them not only the opportunity to experience a second language at the best time of their lives but to offer them the wonderful cognitive benefits that are part of learning a second language.

Her favorite memory with Lil Scholars was the business lesson taught to her by a four year old. His comment was, "Miss Paula why don't you put all our songs on a CD so we can sing them at home with our families." We made our first CD not long after that!

Miss Debbie
Miss Debbie came to Lil Language Scholars in the Fall of 2011. She has taught many ages from preschool through adult. Debbie studied Spanish at Western IL University where she earned a Bachelors of Ed. with a minor in Spanish. Debbie values language learning because it broadens a child's worldview. It helps them to understand that the world is bigger than their immediate experience and helps prepare and equip students for higher academic performance. It also helps students to be proactive in their thinking skills. Her favorite story of working with a child in Lil Language Scholars is hearing the children incorporate Spanish in their speech naturally and fearlessly and hearing them tell me how they help their parents learn Spanish. Debbie lives in Mundelein with her husband and three children.

Miss Gilma
Miss Gilma has been with Lil Scholars since September of 2007. She is a recent graduate of Northeastern Illinois University and works for us teaching our afterschool classes and tutoring our adult students. We wish her the best of luck as she moves on to her full time teaching career.

Miss Beth
Miss Beth came to Lil Scholars in 2012. She is a long time preschool teacher at one of our preschools in Mundelein. You can visit her at Mundelein Cooperative Nursery School when you are touring schools for your child. She teaches our classes at Mundelein Co-op as well as a few other schools on her days off and summers.

Miss Andrea
Miss Andrea came to Lil Scholars in 2013. She was referred to us by Miss Gilma. We are happy when our teachers can refer their friends. They make the best teachers. Miss Andrea works for us a few days a week tutoring our homeschooling students online and teaching a few preschool Spanish classes. The rest of the time she enjoys playing with her new daughter!

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