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March and April Lessons

by Paula Fortini on 03/21/17

This month we will be continue to practice spring (primavera)words, action words and circus activities. We  will be doing some Spring and bunny (conejo) activities and learning about animals as the children start spending more time outside.

Some of the art projects you may see come home are a leprechaun (duende), shamrock (trebol) and a rabbit (conejo). Even if your family doesn't celebrate Easter these are common words for children so we use the opportunity to learn them this month. We are working with the children on remembering that the color word goes after the shape. We don't explain it this way to the kids but for you, in essence the noun comes first then the adjective. For example we don't say green circle we say circulo verde. The kids learn this easily because they think it's funny.

Don't forget to print your vocabulary from our parent page so you can practice at home. Or like our Facebook page to get other ideas of ways to practice at home as well.

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