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Our goal with Lil Language Scholars is to offer young children to learn a foreign language while their brains are the most adept at recognizing and learning it.

Our owner, Paula Fortini has a master's degree in Education. After working in the public schools for 20 years she noticed a lack of foreign language instruction at the best age. She opened Lil Language scholars in June of 2003. By instructing thousands of young children in local daycares, preschools and private schools in the Chicagoland area she has filled that gap. In 2007 to allow the Lil Language Scholars program to reach the entire United States she wrote and published curricula for ages 2-12. Lil Language Scholars' current curricula have options for any parent, school, or park district to enrich their students and expose them to foreign language well before typical schools begin instruction. We also have games and other home materials for home use. We are currently working on an Internet based instructional method.

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